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How Cadence helped me get my blood pressure back under control

Cadence Team
Cadence Team
March 24, 2023
How Cadence helped me get my blood pressure back under control

In a newly published Patient Story, patient Carolyn Ford opened up about her experience using Cadence's remote patient intervention solution and the benefits she is experiencing from our program.

Carolyn has recently been struggling with hypertension, or high blood pressure. As a result, her physician recommended that she enroll with Cadence so we could help monitor her health from home. Working directly in partnership with her physician, Cadence equipped Carolyn with a set of smart devices to measure her vitals, and our clinical team has monitored and adjusted her medications as needed.

According to Carolyn, Cadence "has been a life saver." "When I took my blood pressure this morning, it was almost 60 points lower than it had been. Mine was incredibly high, up in the 180s, 190s, 200s. This morning, it was 127/80. It came as a blessing really," she described.

Specifically, according to Carolyn, Cadence has made it easier and more seamless for her to take her vital readings and given her peace of mind knowing that Cadence's team is constantly monitoring her health. "A lot of people don't know how to read blood pressure. I didn't know. And those cuffs and things that you buy are not reliable. These seem to be doing the job," Carolyn shared. "It has helped me not having to keep up with all that, what's your weight every morning, what's your blood pressure two or three times a day?"

Carolyn said that she is pleased with Cadence's program and said she would recommend it to others. "I think it's great for anybody that's got high blood pressure and they're working with their doctor to get it down, I think it's great. It came as a blessing really."

To hear more of Carolyn's story of impact, watch below. Learn more about how Cadence’s program benefits patients here.

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