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Patients describe how Cadence is helping them live healthier lives

Cadence Team
Cadence Team
November 16, 2022
Patients describe how Cadence is helping them live healthier lives

In a newly released video, several Cadence patients with chronic conditions opened up about how Cadence's RPM solution is benefiting them and making their lives healthier.

The video features a number of different patients who have been enrolled in Cadence's program over the past year and are dealing with various chronic conditions, such as heart failure and type 2 diabetes. Each of the patients learned about Cadence from their doctor and said the program is helping them to regulate their health, titrate their medications when needed toward guideline-directed medical therapy, and also reach the personal health goals they have set for themselves with their physicians.

The video begins with by featuring patient David who shares emphatically, "Cadence is the best thing that's ever happened to me. Especially for someone at my age, and for me and also my family, it really has helped me out."

Next, patient Michael shares that what he likes so much about Cadence's program is the personal interaction he has with Cadence's care delivery team whenever any of his vital signs are irregular. "If a reading gets out of whack, I get a text or a call going over my reading," Michael says. "My medications have regulated my blood pressure to where they want it to be and it's just been terrific."

As part of Cadence's remote intervention solution, patients receive a set of smart devices, including a blood pressure monitor and scale, which they use each morning in their own homes to take their vital signs. The results get automatically uploaded to Cadence's platform and become available for patients' physicians, as well as Cadence's care team to review and analyze. 

"It's been very easy," says patient Marilyn. "You do it first thing in the morning when you get up and it's all taken care of." Marilyn also says that since working with Cadence, she's lost 30 pounds and is feeling much better.

One of the things that both clinicians and patients like most about Cadence's RPM solution is that there is always a "second set of eyes" watching over patients and helping to monitor patients' vitals remotely, in real-time, from the comfort of their own homes. Patient Jessie expresses her gratitude for having that extra assurance that someone is constantly monitoring her own health.

"It's really nice to know that there's somebody that's keeping track of me, because I'm bad about keeping track of myself," Jessie says.

To learn more about how Cadence is benefitting patients, watch the full video below.

If you are a clinician who is considering recommending Cadence to your own patients, learn more about the benefits of Cadence for clinicians by watching the video below. Also, listen to this podcast featuring two clinicians and be sure to subscribe to Cadence Conversations wherever you get your podcasts to listen to future episodes.

*Testimonials are those of real Cadence physicians and patients who have not been compensated and voluntarily provided their statements and opinions. Patient results and experiences with Cadence may vary and are unique and individual to each patient.

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