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Peter’s experience with Cadence

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Jane’s experience with Cadence

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Peter is a 79-year-old man living with congestive heart failure. He was admitted to the hospital recently with a recurrent acute decompensated heart failure episode

Following discharge, his physician recommends that he enroll in Cadence's heart failure program to better control his elevated blood pressure (Avg BP 150/85) and heart rate (Avg HR 85) by titrating up his GDMT

Peter is given a cellular-enabled blood pressure cuff, heart rate monitor, and smart scale

One week after enrollment, Peter’s weight increases by more than five pounds, and an alert on the Cadence platform is triggered

The Cadence Care team calls Peter and discovers that he hasn't restarted his diuretic since his hospitalization

The Cadence Care team restarts his home diuretic, which results in a return to his normal weight over the following days

One week later, following stability in his weight, his vitals remain elevated despite no new symptoms. The Cadence Care team adjusts his GDMT regimen further to optimize his vitals and life-saving heart failure therapies

Following additional titrations over the course of the subsequent 8 weeks, Peter is maintained on maximally tolerated doses of all four pillars of GDMT

He has not been hospitalized in six months and most recently started playing golf for the first time since his first heart failure hospitalization over two years ago

Jane, a 74-year-old woman, has Type 2 Diabetes and morbid obesity (BMI 36)

Her doctor decides that, with an A1c of 10.9% at enrollment, she’s a candidate for Cadence’s diabetes management program

On enrollment, she’s given a cellular-enabled smart scale and a blood glucometer with unlimited test strips

Two weeks after enrollment, an alert in the Cadence system shows Jane's blood sugar is 431 mg/dL

A Cadence clinician calls Jane to discuss the alert, confirming she’s been taking her insulin as prescribed, and this blood sugar was accurately collected after her post-dinner snack

The Cadence team encourages Jane to maintain strict adherence to her current insulin regimen, and counsels her on her dietary choices. Ultimately, she requires an insulin titration to try and improve her consistently elevated blood sugars

During her next day follow-up, the Cadence Care team discusses an additional medication to help with Jane's blood glucose control and weight loss (ie. GLP-1-RA)

The Cadence Care team offers to work on a prior authorization to help determine the cost of the new medication

One month after enrolling, Jane’s fasting blood glucose is regularly within normal range, and her average blood glucose levels decreased from a high acuity (average BG >240 mg/dL) to a moderate acuity (average BG 183-240 mg/dL) range

Encouraged by her progress, Jane has improved her diet and increased her physical activity, which has resulted in 7 lbs of weight loss

Jane now enjoys walking with her grandsons as part of her daily exercise routine

1Data is for illustrative purposes only and does not reflect that of real patients or Cadence's current patient population.

What Cadence patients are saying

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“My medications have regulated my blood pressure to where they want it to be. And it's just been terrific.”

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“I think everybody at my age ought to have Cadence. It's very easy and it takes very little time, but it's worth every single minute of it.”

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“Cadence is something we should have had a long time ago.”

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“I feel better. It's really nice to know that there's somebody that's keeping track of me.”

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“It's nice to have someone who you know is monitoring you and is concurring with your own doctor so that decisions can be made about your health.”

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What to expect with Cadence

Using cellular or Wi-Fi technology, your device will communicate with the Cadence Care team, and if there’s a problem, we’ll be in touch.

texting cadence telehealth, cadence says: nice job taking your weight reading, justin! your weight is 176 pounds. Your clinician will be in touch if they have any questions for you
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Frequently asked questions from patients

How much does Cadence cost?

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Remote patient monitoring is a covered benefit under Medicare and Medicare Advantage and many patients see little to no cost for the Cadence program. Monthly costs vary based on whether a patient has met their deductible, how patients use the program, and their types of insurance coverage. The services Cadence provides are delivered under the supervision of your provider, and your doctor bills your insurance directly for remote patient monitoring services. If you are considering enrolling in Cadence and have questions about how much it could cost, it is recommended to call your insurance company directly and share the billing codes for an estimate (provided below):

• Device Setup: 99453
• Data Collection: 99454
• First 20 minutes of provider time: 99457
• Each additional 20 minutes of provider time: 99458

If you are enrolled in Cadence and have questions about your bill: please share a photo or scanned PDF of your Explanation of Benefits from your insurance company with Cadence at

How do I enroll?

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Enrolling is as easy as talking with your doctor. You may already be eligible for Cadence if you have a chronic condition. At your next appointment, ask your doctor if Cadence is right for you, and connect with one of our enrollers to get started.

How do I communicate with Cadence? How frequently?

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Cadence will schedule regular telephone visits with you, but how much we communicate with you depends on your needs. If you’re not feeling well, you can always reach out to the Cadence team with any questions, and if we see that one of your vitals is out of the ordinary, we will reach out to make sure that everything is ok.

Do I still talk to my primary care physician?

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Yes. Cadence is an extension of your primary care team. You will still see your primary care physician as you normally would, and all of your Cadence vital information will be available to your primary care physician each time you visit with them.

How do I take my vitals and how often?

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Cadence will provide you with devices that communicate directly with the Cadence team. Our devices work like any others that you might already be familiar with. You should take your vitals each morning before eating, drinking, or taking any medications.

Does insurance pay for Cadence?

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Remote patient monitoring is a covered benefit under Medicare. Patients may have a monthly copayment or coinsurance depending on their insurance plan. Our Care Team can help you better understand the potential cost for you when you meet with them.

Is Cadence right for you?

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