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Cadence CEO Chris Altchek: How Cadence is empowering patients and providers

Cadence Team
Cadence Team
July 1, 2022
Cadence CEO Chris Altchek: How Cadence is empowering patients and providers

In a new podcast episode of Raise the Line from Osmosis.org, Cadence CEO Chris Altchek shared his vision for how advanced remote monitoring technology is changing healthcare and how Cadence is empowering physicians and their patients with chronic conditions to manage their health at home.

Throughout the conversation, entitled "Delivering Seamless, Responsive Care at Home," Altchek described to host Shiv Gaglani how Cadence works and the benefits of the company's remote monitoring technology platform for patients, as well as providers and health systems.

"We took a very first-principle approach to hospital system operations and clinic operations and really solving this problem end to end for our partners," Altchek shared. "We were lucky enough to partner with a progressive health system called LifePoint that's based in twenty-nine states and has over fifty hospitals, and really build a solution with and for them with the target of supporting 100,000 patients concurrently." 

Cadence is currently partnered with large health systems including LifePoint Health, as well as Community Health Systems, and has two additional partnerships which will be announced later this summer.

Speaking about the future of remote monitoring and the big opportunity that Cadence has ahead, Altchek shared, "We believe remote monitoring and virtual care is going to become the standard of care for how you treat patients with these chronic conditions over the next five to ten years."

For patients, Cadence has built a technology solution that is seamless and easy for patients with chronic conditions to use, regardless of geography or comfort with technology. "Thirty percent of our patient population doesn't even have a cell phone, and a meaningful number have a flip phone not a smartphone. So the fact that these programs work and this connectivity is able to really get deployed at scale for this patient population is incredibly promising for the future of, hopefully, increasing access to care across the U.S," Altchek said.

Meanwhile, for providers, Altchek discussed how Cadence is partnering with physicians to serve as an extension of their clinical team and help manage patients with chronic conditions according to guidelines and protocols approved by the physician. "The routine day-to-day stuff can be handled by us," he said. "That empowers them to use the time they have in person with patients on the most meaningful, difficult issues.

Listen to the entire conversation of Raise the Line here. And for more information about Cadence's approach to care, be sure to subscribe to Cadence Conversations, a new podcast from Cadence where we're talking with prominent physicians, healthcare leaders, and tech entrepreneurs about their experiences driving innovation and progress.

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