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Type 2 diabetes patient describes how Cadence is improving his health

Cadence Team
Cadence Team
January 5, 2023
Type 2 diabetes patient describes how Cadence is improving his health

In a new Care Delivery Story, type 2 diabetes patient Gary Haney discusses how Cadence is helping him to lower his blood sugar and get his weight and health on the right track.

Gary, who lives in western North Carolina, initially started working with Cadence after being referred by his doctor. He describes how, by working with Cadence FNP Jessica Fields, he has been able to actively exercise, lose weight, and achieve his goals after six months. "Her working with me and guiding me and giving me support, that helped a lot," Gary shared.

According to Gary, he has begun walking over two miles per day and has been able to lose 20 pounds. "I'm proud of what I've lost but my goal is to lose another 20 pounds," he said.

Cadence's remote patient intervention program is designed to help patients who are dealing with chronic conditions, including heart failure, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and COPD. Patients receive cellular-enabled smart devices to measure their vitals on a daily basis and communicate directly with the Cadence Care team, which serves as an extension of their physician.

Gary is pleased with the care he has received and would recommend Cadence to others.

"I would recommend that other people with type 2 diabetes talk to Cadence. I think it would help them very much," he shared. "If they'll listen to their nurse practitioner, if they do their best to follow what they say, and if they're very religious about taking their blood sugar every day, weighing in every day, Cadence can help."

Listen to Gary's story below and click here to learn more about how the care that Cadence provides for patients.

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