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Remote patient monitoring significantly improves health outcomes and reduces total cost of care in hypertension patients

Cadence Team
Cadence Team
November 13, 2023
Remote patient monitoring significantly improves health outcomes and reduces total cost of care in hypertension patients

In a new study of over 4,000 hypertension patients, Cadence’s remote patient monitoring solution shows reduced total cost of care and positive clinical outcomes.

Today, health technology company Cadence released data highlighting the positive impact of remote patient monitoring (RPM) on health outcomes and total cost of care for patients with hypertension. 

The results, which were delivered in an oral presentation at the 2023 American Heart Association (AHA) Annual Scientific Sessions in Philadelphia, included data from 4,006 patients enrolled in Cadence from February 2022 to April 2023, in 11 states across the U.S. 

Among the most important findings are a total reduction in systolic and diastolic blood pressure (SBP/DBP) of 9 and 6 mm Hg, respectively, after a mean of 136 days from enrollment from a baseline of 144/83 mmHg. There was a statistically significant graded reduction in blood pressure across all patient subgroups who started with high blood pressure before enrolling in the program. There was also a ~2x increase in the number of patients at goal (BP<130/80) at follow-up, compared to baseline (31% vs. 15%; p<0.001). See Figures 1-4 below. 

Figures 1-2
Figures 3-4

Additionally, the data showed that Cadence’s remote monitoring solution helped to reduce the total monthly cost of care for enrolled hypertension patients by greater than 50% (-$311.55 patient per month). This represents the first data supporting the positive effect of an integrated RPM solution on reducing total costs for patients with hypertension. See Figure 5. 

Figure 5

"Traditional methods for diagnosing and treating hypertension, which is the most common modifiable risk factor accounting for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease in the U.S., have been ineffective,” said David Feldman, M.D., Medical Advisor, Cadence, and first author on Cadence’s AHA abstract. “The results of this study show that an advanced practice provider-led hypertension program, which leverages RPM and technology-enabled treatment protocols, can significantly reduce blood pressure, and in doing so, can help more patients achieve guideline recommended blood pressure goals. This also represents a scalable and cost-effective solution for optimizing hypertension management nationwide.”

At a time when health systems and policymakers are seeking additional clinical data as they consider the role of remote patient monitoring for battling chronic diseases and severe clinician shortages, this study meaningfully advances the cannon of existing research and supports the conclusion that remote monitoring can deliver life-saving treatment to patients with chronic conditions at scale while lowering the cost of care. “Cadence’s solution represents not only a step change improvement in clinical treatment for hypertension patients, it is also a scalable and cost-effective solution for optimizing hypertension management nationwide,” adds Feldman.

As part of Cadence’s program, patients use a cellular-enabled blood pressure cuff, heart rate monitor and weight scale to measure their vitals daily. Cadence’s multidisciplinary clinical team monitors patient vitals and leverages technology-enabled clinical protocols to implement guideline-directed clinical interventions to patients at home. The interventions are designed to facilitate symptom and vital optimization for patients with hypertension.

Read the complete abstract in the American Heart Associations’ Circulation here, and review the full presentation here.

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