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Cadence Patient Stories: Thanks to Cadence, my health has improved

Cadence Team
Cadence Team
March 2, 2022
Cadence Patient Stories: Thanks to Cadence, my health has improved

In a newly released Patient Stories video, 66-year-old patient Michael opened up about the way that using Cadence's remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices has helped him to improve his mental and physical health.

Michael, who lives with his wife in Rhodhiss, North Carolina, was introduced to Cadence by his doctor at Fryecare Cardiology as part of Cadence's recently announced partnership with LifePoint Health. As part of the partnership, 100,000 patients across the LifePoint Health system who are living with chronic conditions have access to Cadence's RPM technology. 

Michael described how Cadence has helped him to regulate his medications and stay healthy since he recently experienced a heart attack. "It's just been terrific," he said. "Thanks to Cadence, my medications are regulated and my blood pressure is right where they want it to be."

Cadence is currently partnered with leading health systems nationwide, including LifePoint and CHS, to provide care for patients with chronic conditions in four key areas: heart failure, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. 

Once enrolled with Cadence, patients receive a set of smart devices, including a scale and blood pressure monitoring equipment, to track their vitals on a daily basis. Results get automatically uploaded to Cadence's cloud-based software platform, which are then reviewed by Cadence's team of clinicians.

The technology is easy to use, even for those with limited knowledge about smartphones and connected devices. "The technology is no problem," Michael said. "All you need is a cell phone, and even for a person with limited knowledge about [technology], it should be easy."

As a result of working with Cadence, Michael said both his mental and physical health have improved. "I'm actually starting to feel back to normal again," he said. Michael is now going for walks with his wife and even taking trips to the beach.

"I love life, and I want to live life to the fullest," Michael said. "I want to stay healthy mainly for my family and for my wife. I have to stay healthy to keep up with her."

Watch the full video below and learn more about how Cadence has helped other patients like Jessie and David:

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