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Employee spotlight: Alyssa Goddu shares how Cadence is expanding access to care in rural communities

Alyssa Goddu
Alyssa Goddu
June 7, 2023
Employee spotlight: Alyssa Goddu shares how Cadence is expanding access to care in rural communities

At Cadence, we believe that a better quality of life begins with better care. No matter what role at the company, our team is on a mission to give everyone consistent, proactive healthcare every day. In our Employee Perspectives series, you will hear how different Cadence team members are meeting the company's mission and why they are passionate about their work.

This week, Senior Enroller Alyssa Goddu discusses her work on the Care Delivery team. If you’re interested in learning more about Cadence and current job opportunities, check out our careers page to learn more.

1. Tell us a little bit about what you do here at Cadence. What are your core responsibilities?

My primary role at Cadence involves reaching out to patients over the phone to share information about our program, scheduling them for their enrollment appointments (which can be virtual or in their local clinic office), and providing education and training once they are at their enrollment about program expectations and how they can properly use their devices. In the case of in-person enrollments, we really have the unique opportunity to meet our patients face-to-face at the start of their journey with Cadence.

Additionally, enrollers serve as one of the primary points of contact for providers, practice managers, and staff members at the local clinics where we work. We collaborate with those in the clinic to support the growth of Cadence within the practice. We tend to wear a lot of different hats depending on the day! Recently, I transitioned into a senior enrollment role which has expanded my responsibilities to also include assisting with the training and onboarding of new enrollers, which is one of my favorite aspects of the job.

2. What gets you most excited about your job at Cadence and about the company at large?

Working for a startup like Cadence is definitely exciting. I enjoy getting the opportunity to create and improve workflow processes, as well as to problem-solve with different teams, such as our Care Delivery, Product, Engineering, and Partnerships teams. I am also a bit of a data nerd, so I enjoy working for a company that is driven by data. 

3. What is it like to enroll so many Cadence patients in your local community and how do you see Cadence impacting the health and well-being of your community? 

Engaging with patients is one of the most fun and rewarding aspects of my job with Cadence.

I enroll patients from 10+ clinics throughout Northwest Arkansas, so I’ve gotten the chance to meet and speak with patients of all different ages and walks of life. The biggest impact for my community that I’ve seen is the way that Cadence is able to serve those who may otherwise have difficulty accessing the services that their health conditions require, at the frequency they need. Many patients live in rural communities, which means they have to travel great distances to go to their clinic in person, and they often also have limited means of transportation. Remote patient monitoring provides quicker, more efficient, more direct, and more consistent care for these patients.

It’s been amazing to hear stories from these patients about how Cadence has improved the quality of their lives.

4. You have worked with a variety of providers. What have you learned from them about the value of remote patient monitoring? How does RPM impact them and their ability to serve patients?

The most consistent feedback I have heard from providers about remote patient monitoring is that they have the assurance that their patients are in capable hands and are receiving excellent care and attention from Cadence’s clinical team. Providers also love how easy Cadence is to access and how seamless it is to communicate with our clinical team regarding their individual patients’ cases.

5. For anyone who's considering joining Cadence, in particular those in enrollment roles, what would you tell them about based on your experience?

I would tell anyone who is considering joining Cadence that you will be joining an amazing group of people (shout out to my fellow enrollers, who are in fact the best group of people ever!) who are passionate about excellent patient care and are supportive of each other in the workplace.

I would also share that the enroller position is constantly evolving, which keeps you on your toes and helps prevent stagnancy and boredom. Overall, Cadence and the enrollment team have been a great fit for me in expanding my skill set and encouraging my professional growth.

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Alyssa Goddu

Alyssa Goddu is a Senior Enroller at Cadence.

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