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Clinicians describe how Cadence makes their jobs easier (VIDEO)

Cadence Team
Cadence Team
November 8, 2022
Clinicians describe how Cadence makes their jobs easier (VIDEO)

In a new video interview, two clinicians who are using Cadence with their patients opened up about how Cadence's RPM solution is benefiting them and making their jobs easier, as well as benefiting their patients.

The video begins by featuring Dr. Ailisa Smith from FryeCare Generations Family in Hickory, North Carolina. Dr. Smith described how Cadence is saving her and her office staff time as well as decreasing her overall workload.

"I can honestly say that Cadence has not created any extra work for me," Smith said. "The ability to be able to have somebody that I communicate with through our EMR who is actually reaching out to these patients when there is an issue, it saves my office staff time, it saves me time."

Dr. Smith began using Cadence earlier this year. A common misconception is that physicians will lose a degree of control over their patients' care in working with Cadence. However, Dr. Smith stated exactly the opposite, saying, "I still feel like I am 100% in control of my patients' care." 

Indeed, Cadence partners directly with clinicians and serves as an extension of their practice, facilitating interactions between clinicians and their patients as needed. Cadence works in conjunction with clinicians and partners with them at every stage of the patient care process.

One of the primary benefits of Cadence's remote patient intervention program is the ability to provide ongoing monitoring at home for patients in between in-person visits to their doctor's office. Using a set of smart devices, Cadence collects patients' vital signs on a daily basis virtually, and is able to detect issues before they escalate. "I feel like my patients are being triaged in a way that I wasn't able to do before," Dr. Smith shared. "With Cadence, these folks are being captured before they end up presenting to the E.R. unnecessarily."

The second clinician featured in the video was Twilla Walker, a Family Nurse Practitioner at FryeCare Cardiology in Hickory, North Carolina. Twilla has also had a very positive experience working with Cadence and has experienced many of the same benefits for herself and her patients. She discussed how Cadence has helped put her at ease by helping to titrate medications for her heart failure patients and then monitor those patients for possible side effects.

"I feel more at ease, because between the Cadence team and I, we can titrate these medications that they need towards guideline-directed medical therapy," Twilla shared. That helps me rest because I know that sometimes there are going to be side effects when you are initiating these medications, but now they're being watched."

To learn more about how Cadence is benefitting clinicians, watch the full video below:

Additionally, both Dr. Smith and Twilla also recently appeared on Cadence Conversations, a podcast from Cadence which features clinicians, healthcare executives, as well as entrepreneurs discussing their experiences driving innovation and progress.

You can listen to that podcast episode below and learn more here. Also be sure to subscribe to Cadence Conversations wherever you get your podcasts to listen to future episodes.

* Testimonials are those of real Cadence physicians and patients who have not been compensated and voluntarily provided their statements and opinions. Patient results and experiences with Cadence may vary and are unique and individual to each patient.

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