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Cadence x Lifepoint: Patient and provider describe remote monitoring benefits

Cadence Team
Cadence Team
February 23, 2024
Cadence x Lifepoint: Patient and provider describe remote monitoring benefits

In a new interview, patient Janice Sigmon detailed the benefits that she has experienced from using Cadence’s remote monitoring service and encouraged other patients to sign up for the service if they are eligible.

Sigmon, who lives in Blowing Rock, North Carolina, is a patient at FryeCare Cardiology, which is affiliated with Frye Regional Medical Center and part of Lifepoint Health. Lifepoint announced a partnership with Cadence in August 2021 to implement a remote care management platform across its diversified healthcare delivery network.

The interview was conducted as part of an interview series launched by Cadence in connection to American Heart Health Month, which is this February and is a time when Americans are encouraged to focus on their cardiovascular health.

Sigmon, who was diagnosed with hypertension, was referred to Cadence by her cardiologist, Dr. John Morrison from FryeCare Cardiology, as a way to help monitor and lower her blood pressure from home. Using a smart weight scale and blood pressure cuff, Sigmon takes her vital readings on a daily basis. The readings get automatically transmitted to the Cadence care team and to Sigmon’s own health care provider, and she is also able to see her own readings on her phone.

“I take my blood pressure first. And then I take my medication, and then wait about an hour and a half, and take [my blood pressure] again,” she said.

The Cadence Care Team monitors patients’ daily vital readings and reaches out to patients if there is anything concerning. The Cadence Care Team is able to make medication adjustments, in consultation with the patient’s provider, as needed. The data shows that this technology and team-based driven approach results in better clinical outcomes for patients, along with a lower cost of care.

Sigmon said that she appreciates how easy the Cadence service is to use, and loves that it also gives her peace of mind knowing that someone is monitoring her readings on a routine basis. 

“I would highly recommend that you do this,” Sigmon said. “It’s a great way to get your blood pressure regulated and keep up with your doctor at the same time. It’s like having a nurse here all the time.”

In addition to the benefits that Cadence provides to patients, the service offers a multitude of benefits to providers, including allowing them to offer better clinical care to their patients while saving them valuable time. Sigmon’s cardiologist, Dr. John Morrison, described some of the benefits that he has experienced.

“I have been extremely pleased with the Cadence program. They are responsive to the needs of our patients and very professional in dealing with them. They leave concise notes regarding any changes in medications and/or problems going on with our patients. They have a vetted tiered approach for dealing with our patients and refer patients to reach out to our office when needed and appropriate,” Dr. Morrison shared.

“Not only do I get to hear from my patients about how much better they feel and how they feel they are being better cared for...I also get to see the data. We have shown improvement in hospitalizations for CHF, decreased use of EMS services, decreased use of ERs, significant improvement of patients markers (weight, blood pressure, etc), and cost savings to our ACO equivalents.”

“One of my earliest enrolled patients had multiple yearly admissions prior to being enrolled in Cadence. Since then, he has NOT had a single CHF admission in the last three years.”

One of the most common benefits associated with using Cadence that is frequently cited by physicians is the peace of mind that it offers, knowing that an experienced medical team is working as an extension of providers’ practice and monitoring patients on an ongoing basis in between patients’ visits to the clinic.

“I can only see my patients with a certain frequency,” said Dr. Morrison. “Cadence has the ability to reach out to my patients on a daily basis. It lets me sleep at night knowing that my patients are in good hands when I know I can't always be there. My patients have the confidence that they are being closely followed and can reach out for advice/care immediately if needed. Even if I'm out of town and not available, my patients are being cared for appropriately.”

Some providers are initially hesitant about using remote monitoring technology because they worry about giving up control of their patients. Others worry that working with Cadence will increase the amount of administrative work that they have to do. However, Dr. Morrison addressed both of those concerns and said quite the opposite, that Cadence has taken a collaborative and team-based approach and has helped him to triage patient phone calls and concerns, thereby reducing burden to his practice.

“At first, some of my partners were worried about having another provider assist with the care of these patients. To their approval, Cadence does a phenomenal job of keeping the provider in the loop with the patient care without overburdening the provider with unnecessary information,” Dr. Morrison shared. 

“They leave concise notes regarding medication adjustments, flow charts with clinical data (BP, HR, and weight), and follow a vetted tiered process for upgrading their care and reach out to our office when needed. I don't get all of the calls from my sickest patients anymore and they are BETTER cared for because Cadence can respond a lot quicker than I can with a busy practice. When I see my patients back a few months later, they come in on good GDMT and feeling much better.”

In connection to Heart Health Month, Dr. Morrison encouraged other patients to be proactive with their heart health and to consider asking their own doctor about Cadence’s remote monitoring to see if they might be eligible for the service. 

“Being proactive with your heart health and controlling your overall risk factors is critical to living a long healthy life,” he shared. “Remote monitoring technology is emerging as an excellent way to augment your care. You can only see your doctor so often, but with Cadence remote monitoring, qualified health professionals are monitoring your health on a daily basis. One of my patients says that it's like, "having my doctor in my pocket." I couldn't agree more.”

If you are a clinician considering using Cadence with your patients, read more about the benefits here. If you are interested in learning more about Cadence and the benefits for patients, read more here. Listen to Janice's full story below.

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