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Cadence CEO Chris Altchek speaks with General Catalyst about company's mission

Cadence Team
Cadence Team
January 26, 2022
Cadence CEO Chris Altchek speaks with General Catalyst about company's mission

In a new interview, Cadence Founder and CEO Chris Altchek sits down with General Catalyst’s Chitra Nawbatt to explain how Cadence is utilizing Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) to deliver remote care to patients with chronic conditions across the United States.

Cadence is a General Catalyst portfolio company and part of the venture capital firm's Health Assurance ecosystem and network. The aim of General Catalyst's Health Assurance fund is to help bend the health cost curve and make affordable care accessible for all Americans. General Catalyst recently participated in Cadence's Series B fundraise, which was announced in December 2021. 

Throughout the conversation, Altchek explains Cadence's mission and details how the company is partnering with large health systems across the United States to help deliver high quality care at scale for patients with heart failure, hypertension, Type 2 diabetes, and COPD.

"People managing chronic conditions want accessible, personalized care. Cadence helps large health systems and their physicians deliver that at scale," Altchek said.

Cadence has developed a unique approach that allows it to partner with health systems and offer high quality care to patients outside of the hospital. The company equips patients with remote monitoring devices, and also utilizes a team of clinicians and innovative software platform, to help care for patients and support care management teams.

"We're a partner," Altchek said. "We're aligned in every way. We're aligned clinically to patient outcomes. We're aligned financially to the health systems' success."

Watch the entire conversation below, and learn more about Cadence here:

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Cadence Team

Cadence is a health technology company helping the nation’s most patient-centric health systems deliver more consistent, proactive healthcare every day. Cadence’s remote patient intervention solution couples powerful new technology with clinical excellence, providing its patients a precise and personal level of care all outside of the four walls of the hospital.

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