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Cadence and Providence launch remote patient monitoring program advancing quality and access to care for patients at home

Cadence Team
Cadence Team
April 19, 2023
Cadence and Providence launch remote patient monitoring program advancing quality and access to care for patients at home

Two successful clinic launches in Washington are yielding strong patient engagement and medication adherence for patients enrolled with congestive heart failure and hypertension.


NEW YORK, NY (April 19, 2023) – Cadence today announced a partnership with Providence to implement a remote patient monitoring and responsive virtual care program across Providence’s clinics. Cadence’s platform couples powerful technology with an expert, Nurse Practitioner-led clinical care team that collects, analyzes, and responds to patients’ vitals daily, outside of the clinic setting.

“At Providence, we prioritize human connection over all else,” said Dr. David Kim, Chief Executive of the Providence Clinical Network. “Our partnership with Cadence will extend our clinical team into our patient’s homes, allowing us to enhance the quality care we provide to patients with chronic conditions while streamlining the patient experience. The early clinical outcomes, along with provider and patient satisfaction results, are promising and we are looking forward to the progress and momentum ahead.” 

Cadence and Providence launched the program in June 2022 at two Washington clinics: St. Mary Cardiology and Lacey Family Medicine. The program aims to support patients on their journey to better health through lifestyle modifications and guideline-based medication management. 

With over 300 active patients, 89% are taking their vitals daily. Cadence’s virtual care team is successfully managing and triaging patients, only escalating 0.2% of remote encounters to Providence’s clinicians. Patients with heart failure enrolled in Cadence have increased adherence to guideline-directed medical therapies (GDMT), which have been shown to improve quality of life and reduce mortality. Additionally, the program has swiftly and sustainably reduced the blood pressure of hypertension patients, as shown in the chart below. For example, patients starting the program with a median systolic blood pressure (SBP) between 160-180 mmHg experienced an 11% SBP reduction during the first four weeks in the program and have sustained that reduction through week 12.

Providence's clinical excellence indicator (CEI) for hypertension patients is BP<140/90. Patient cohorts are based on patients' median week 1 home BP reading.


The partnership underscores Providence’s commitment to increasing access to care, especially for underserved communities with chronic disease. Through remote patient monitoring and chronic disease management, Providence will provide patients with meaningful touchpoints and greater value from their care experience while also offering solutions that reduce provider burnout.

“Providence is a world-class health system with a long track record of successful innovation. Providence’s focus on improving health equity and access at scale is deeply aligned with Cadence’s mission,” said Chris Altchek, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Cadence. “Providence patients enrolled in Cadence are more engaged in their care and their clinicians are supported with a team that acts as an extension of their staff. Our teams will remain focused on delivering transformative outcomes to patients who battle chronic conditions.”

The Providence-Cadence partnership will support patients across Providence’s seven-state footprint, focusing on Washington service areas in 2023. The program currently supports managing patients with hypertension, congestive heart failure, and type 2 diabetes, with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease to launch in 2024.


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Providence is a national, not-for-profit Catholic health system comprising a diverse family of organizations and driven by a belief that health is a human right. With 52 hospitals, over 900 clinics, senior services, supportive housing, and many other health and educational services, the health system and its partners employ nearly 120,000 caregivers serving communities across seven states – Alaska, California, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, and Washington, with system offices in Renton, Wash., and Irvine, Calif. Learn about our vision of health for a better world at

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