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Cadence and Ardent Health Services launch remote care management program to improve care and outcomes for patients outside of clinics

Cadence Team
Cadence Team
January 4, 2023
Cadence and Ardent Health Services launch remote care management program to improve care and outcomes for patients outside of clinics

NEW YORK, NY (January 4, 2023) – Cadence today announced a partnership with Ardent Health Services to implement a remote patient monitoring and responsive virtual care program across Ardent’s operations, which include 30 hospitals and 200 sites of care in six states. Cadence delivers personalized, consistent care and intervention as needed from home by collecting, analyzing, and responding to patients’ vitals daily as an extension of their care team.

“At Ardent, we're looking at everything through the lens of the consumer – putting people at the center of the care model,” said Marty Bonick, Ardent’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “Health care is complex, but doing things the way we've always done them doesn't serve our patients or caregivers. Our partnership with Cadence embodies our purpose of caring for others by putting in place the technology and clinical protocols to deliver better care, alleviate unnecessary burdens on our clinicians, and improve the overall healthcare experience across all touchpoints.”

The Ardent-Cadence partnership was first successfully rolled out at Utica Park Clinic in Ardent’s Tulsa, Oklahoma, market and will now be deployed in multiple markets over the next year. The solution underscores Ardent’s commitment to improving patient outcomes, reducing Medicare spending by preventing avoidable inpatient hospital admissions, and improving quality and access to care for all beneficiaries, particularly those with complex chronic conditions and serious illness.

The program supports hypertension, congestive heart failure, and diabetes, with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease to launch later in 2023. With Cadence's digital infrastructure, Ardent’s remote care platform can support an increasing number of conditions, acuities, and devices over time.

“Ardent and Cadence share a passion for using technology to create compelling patient experiences that improve the quality of patients’ lives. Ardent has a strong track record of using technology to alleviate administrative burden on physicians, which Cadence will further accelerate,” said Chris Altchek, Cadence’s Chief Executive Officer and Founder. “Consistent monitoring and intervention as needed amongst patients battling chronic conditions has shown the ability to increase the number of patients achieving guidelines by 5x and reduce unnecessary emergency department visits by 50%. We believe this is only the beginning of the positive impact from our partnership with Ardent.”

About Ardent Health Services

Ardent Health Services invests in people, technology and communities. Through its subsidiaries, Ardent owns and operates 30 hospitals and nearly 200 sites of care in six states with more than 24,000 employees, including 1,200+ employed providers. With a focus on evidence-based practices to improve quality care and patient outcomes, 95% of eligible Ardent hospitals received a Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade of A or B for Fall 2022, compared with 57% of all ranked U.S. hospitals. In 2022, Modern Healthcare recognized six Ardent entities as “Best Places to Work,” marking the 14th consecutive year an Ardent facility was recognized. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Ardent is owned by current and former members of Ardent’s management team; Equity GroupInvestments (EGI), a Chicago-based private investment firm; and Ventas, Inc.(NYSE: VTR), a publicly traded real estate investment trust.


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