“You want to get stronger mentally, you want to get stronger physically. And if you've got Cadence checking on you, it helps tremendously.”

David R.
Heart Failure Patient North Carolina

“Cadence gives me the ability to have a peek into my patients’ lives at home and to reach out to patients when there is an issue. It saves my office staff time and also saves me time.”

Dr. Ailisa Smith
FryeCare Generation, Lifepoint Health

“With remote patient monitoring and active management, Cadence has provided an invaluable service to our practice.”

Dr. Eric Cheung
South Baldwin Medical group, Community Health Systems

“We really like Cadence’s concept of partnership. To align with our technology, our caregiver model, and to disrupt in a positive way was really the trifecta for us.”

Tim Hingtgen
CEO, Community Health Systems
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Cadence for health systems
Cadence results

A win-win for patients, clinicians, and health systems

Cadence for clinicians

of enrolled patients take their vitals with Cadence 16+ days per month1

1Cadence results across 7 U.S. states


Only 1% of virtual encounters escalate to physicians1

1Cadence results as measured by inbox messages in partner EMRs


reduction in the number of patients seen in the emergency department1

1Based on the longest lasting cohort of cHF patients enrolled in Cadence. The number of unique patients who visited the emergency room declined by 50%; the number of unique patients with emergency room visits is normalized for patient tenure in the program.

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With Cadence

increase in patient adherence to guideline-directed therapies1


decrease in no-show rates for our partner clinics1

1Cadence results in North Carolina


of patients feel more connected and supported by their providers since enrolling1

1Cadence patient surveys

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The Cadence difference

Driven by clinical expertise, enabled by technology

State-of-the-art remote monitoring technology

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Our end-to-end monitoring solution is frictionless for health systems and patients alike, and delivers measurable clinical results at scale.

State-of-the-art remote monitoring technology
Multidisciplinary clinical care team

Multidisciplinary clinical care team

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Cadence increases access for patients with a fully-staffed, APP-led clinical care team. This frees clinic staff to focus on in-person patients with acute needs.

Guideline-directed technology

Guideline-directed technology

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Cadence helps your team deploy evidence-based protocols across tens of thousands of patients, making guideline adherence a reality.

Four conditions, one objective

A better quality of life, every day

older man reading health information
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A smart blood pressure cuff shares readings instantly with clinicians to ensure adequate control, resulting in a 20% decrease in blood pressure.

After three months, for patients beginning with blood pressure between 160-180/100-120 mmHg

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Type 2 Diabetes

With monitoring, education, and the Cadence clinical team, diabetes patients can safely reduce their blood glucose by 21% in four weeks.

Patients achieved a 21% decrease in blood glucose by week four for patients with starting blood glucose greater than 154 mg/dL

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Heart Failure

With daily vital readings from smart devices, Cadence heart failure patients are 5.5 times more likely to adhere to life-saving therapies (GDMT).

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healthy older woman grinning

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Patient vitals and symptoms can be frequently assessed to identify COPD exacerbations earlier and, as a result, reduce hospitalizations.

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