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Employee spotlight: Why RN Jennifer Young says Cadence is the best job she has ever had

Jennifer Young
Jennifer Young
April 24, 2023
Employee spotlight: Why RN Jennifer Young says Cadence is the best job she has ever had

At Cadence, we believe that a better quality of life begins with better care. No matter what role at the company, our team is on a mission to give everyone consistent, proactive healthcare every day. In our Employee Perspectives series, you will hear how different Cadence team members are meeting the company's mission and why they are passionate about their work.

This week, Clinical Support RN Jennifer Young discusses her work on the Care team. If you’re interested in learning more about Cadence and current job opportunities, check out our careers page to learn more.

1. Tell us a little bit about what you do here at Cadence. What are your core responsibilities?

I joined Cadence as a Clinical Support RN after working in the inpatient hospital setting for over 10 years, primarily in critical care. Working in the inpatient setting often left me wondering about patients' outcomes in regards to their long term health. Here at Cadence, I work as part of the clinical team that helps patients along their health journey as they deal with chronic conditions.

I work with an excellent team of clinicians who are experts in managing chronic conditions, such as hypertension, diabetes, and congestive heart failure. We collaborate to build a plan of care that is specifically designed for each patient’s needs. In my role, I work closely with our Nurse Practitioners to help manage disease-specific medications and provide lifestyle-modification recommendations that help improve clinical outcomes.  We monitor patients’ vital readings and stay in close contact with their progress by completing regularly scheduled phone visits and discussing how to accomplish their health goals and improve their quality of life.  

2. What gets you most excited about your job at Cadence and about the company at large?

Cadence is taking a new approach to healthcare that I have never seen before; an approach that I have been longing to see for years. We truly care about what patients need and are quick to implement suggestions on how to improve how care is delivered.

At Cadence, we focus on helping manage chronic conditions while ensuring that patients receive accessible care remotely from the comfort of their homes. I thoroughly enjoy hearing from our patients about how the care we’re providing is making a difference. I get to join in the celebration with patients as they hit milestones in their health journey. We are constantly growing, improving, and implementing feedback from clinicians and patients to be the leading example in providing care for chronic conditions. It’s truly inspiring and motivating to see how our team is growing and making a difference in healthcare.

3. You are pioneering the clinical support RN role at Cadence. Can you talk about how Cadence is supporting patients with a robust clinical care team?

All of our clinicians here at Cadence are experts with impressive clinical backgrounds. Each member of our clinical team is innovative and caring. We work together to solve issues as they arise in real time. We are all critical thinkers and team players who have the common goal of providing world-class care. We provide continuity of care by ensuring that patients connect with their own personal clinical team on a regular basis. The communication and feedback that we share amongst our team is key in constantly improving on the care we provide. We are always sharing ideas and learning from each other.  I especially enjoy being challenged to learn something new or take on a project with nothing but encouragement from my team.  

4. Can you share what are you most proud of in terms of building out our clinical support program, and the impact you are having on our patients?

I am very proud to be the first Clinical Support RN here at Cadence. I enjoy knowing that what I am doing helps our Nurse Practitioners provide the most effective and efficient care possible. The Clinical Support RN team focuses on motivating, encouraging and educating our patients to manage chronic conditions. Our patients often boast that our program makes them feel secure and is making an impact on their quality of life.

5. For anyone who's considering joining Cadence, in particular those in clinical roles, what would you tell them about based on your experience?

Cadence is the change for which we’ve been yearning. In a world full of clinicians suffering from burnout, it is refreshing to work for an organization that truly listens and cares about employees’ well-being. Every single person that works for Cadence has a common goal to provide the best care possible for patients. We are making a measurable impact on people’s lives and we get the opportunity to follow along on our patients’ journeys. We get to be a part of our patients’ success stories and that makes this role very rewarding. This is truly the best job I’ve ever had, and I am beyond grateful to be working with such a phenomenal team.

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