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The problem today

Today, people can connect with their doctors at infrequent checkups. When they go home, they don’t have immediate access to their physicians if symptoms or adverse medication reactions arise.

Without Cadence, clinicians don’t have enough data to effectively treat patients, including titrating medications. This can result in worse outcomes, and greater difficulty providing the highest level of care.

Cadence patients benefit from a proactive approach to their health. Here’s how:

Cadence smart devices

Daily measurements

Using Cadence-powered smart devices, patients are able to check daily vital signs, including blood pressure, heart rate, pulse oximeter, glucose levels, and weight.

Cadence tracks and analyzes these frequent measurements, alongside symptoms and health records, so patients and their physicians are kept in the loop should a change occur.
Frequent monitoring illustration

Frequent monitoring

Daily monitoring allows Cadence clinicians to safely and effectively deliver remote care, including titrating patient medications.

For heart failure patients this allows for better adherence to GDMT. For hypertension and diabetes patients, this allows for tighter blood pressure and glucose control, respectively.
Member talking to cadence care team over video call

Close contact with Cadence clinicians

Regular telehealth visits with Cadence clinicians provide another layer of medical support when at home, and also facilitates interactions with their longitudinal provider as needed.