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Our mission

Cadence is on a mission to gather better health data and deliver better health outcomes.

We envision a world where shared technology vastly improves the remote management of chronic conditions.

Health check-ins will become a simple, empowering, everyday event for individuals. Better data and broader support will give providers what they need to give patients world-class care, no matter where they are.

Our team

Within my first few weeks at Cadence, I got to meet some of our patients. Most of them had recently been hospitalized for a serious cardiac event and were deeply grateful for the opportunity to receive daily, world-class care from Cadence clinicians that’d help keep them out of the hospital.

Ali Eicher


With our user-friendly technology and world class clinical team, Cadence is focused on leveraging key health information captured in the comfort of a patient's home to improve clinical outcomes and quality of life. While most legacy RPM companies focus on primarily data capture for patients, Cadence takes RPM one step further by bringing efficient, high quality care to patients outside the four walls of the hospital or clinic.

David Feldman


“Telling a sick patient that they cannot be seen by a provider for months is unacceptable care and far too common. As a provider it feels amazing to be able to develop a relationship with a patient and then actually have the time to be available for them and provide the care they need.”

Nicki Pincus

NP, Clinical

It's awesome to directly serve our patients and hear about their challenges first hand, on a daily basis. It gives me extra motivation to bring my A-game everyday in order to improve our member experience as quickly and empathetically as possible.

Vikram Singh


“Hearing our patients talk about the simplicity and value of our services has been impactful and rewarding. We are extending clinical reach outside the hospital and clinic into patient homes, and our patient testimonials justify the hard work that has gone into our product and services”

Ryan Keith


By using the diverse set of health data that we gather, as well as the valuable feedback we receive from users of the product -- our own clinicians -- we can truly make a difference in patients' lives.

Sarine Babikian

Data Science

Anyone who has had a friend or a family member go through a major health issue can easily empathize with the opportunity we have at Cadence. Besides the limitations and pain associated with them, chronic diseases can drastically reduce a person's quality of life and be incredibly complex to manage in our current health system. Everyone deserves an opportunity to receive the best care possible and through a combination of world-class clinical care and modern technology we can help deliver it.

Eric Hauser


I have spent the better part of my career trying to improve the health and quality of life for people with chronic conditions.  Then the pandemic hit.  Covid has taught us many things and one of the most interesting lessons is that care at home is a viable and effective option for many people. Cadence has created a way to deliver remote care that has not been done before.

If you want to join a mission driven company, whose focus is on improving the health and life of chronically ill patients then this is the place.  Our team believes we have the opportunity to transform care for patients who need our help the most.

Susan Mackin

Care Delivery

Our values

Trust + Autonomy: We empower one another to make decisions, solve problems, and build something better.
Be direct, with integrity: We give clear, candid feedback with the utmost honesty and encouragement.
Excellence is in the water: We aim to exceed the expectations of our patients, employees, clinicians, and partners and never stop iterating and improving.
Our impact drives us: No task is too big or too small to help our patients.

Cadence in the press

“Cadence enables clinicians to monitor patient vitals remotely, provide personalized feedback via text message after each reading and conduct one-on-one telehealth visits when needed.”

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“As Cadence's founding partner, LifePoint will deploy the platform across its network to deliver remote care to more than 100,000 patients”

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"With the emergency of the COVID-19 pandemic illustrating telehealth's benefits, Cadence hopes to keep hospitals moving to the beat of the same drum."

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Our impact on patients

Like a hassle-free, daily checkup, Cadence brings peace of mind to people managing chronic conditions, and more actionable data to the providers helping them

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